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Welcome to The Gardening Company!

images/stories/dsc_0029.jpgGardens and interior plants form an important integral part of office buildings and hotels. Proper and regular maintenance guarantees healthy plants and trees, maintaining the high prestige of the property.

The design and acquisition we do in close coordination with our clients. We offer the client a selection suitable for their situation to choose from.

The Gardening Company provides a comprehensive range of professional Gardening Services, including design, acquisition, execution and maintenance.

To ensure best quality the products are sourced in the Netherlands and are delivered in 3-4 business days.

All logistics and execution are handled by us resulting in beautiful healthy gardens and interior plants.



“Their input in the seasonal design of the garden were of the highest level as is the Maintenance now performed to keep the garden beautiful.”

Shike Koll
Chief Engineer
Hotel Radisson Blu

“The interior plants The Gardening Company provided really changed the atmosphere in our office and are a delight to see each day.”

“Through the regular maintenance service the plants are always in their best shape, color and health.”

Lena Voicu
Finance and Operations Manager
DLA Piper